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Is it legal to expose a company that charges for a service that they do not actual do.I would consider that fraud

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I worked for a company that did bedbug treatment for hotels , they are charged a ozone fee and double charge for this service the entire time I worked there no bedbug items sent in had been ozoned, the items are cleaned suitcases shoes ect are just wiped down with a cloth. Can I expose this to the public?
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Answered on Sep 08th, 2017 at 5:59 AM

If you expose the fraudulent conduct of your former employer, you may face former employer may sue you for defamation.  Truth is always a defense to defamation, but you still may face a lawsuit until you prove in court the truth of your claim. You should check your retirement pension or payment plan for any clauses that may cause you to lose your retirement payments if you expose your former employer of fraudulent conduct without proof of the truth of your claim.

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