I am the incorporated of a nonprofit 501c3 organization. Can my name be removed from the statement of information? I'm in California.

Asked on Feb 23rd, 2017 on Corporate Law - California
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I am the incorporated on a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We are having difficulties with a lady who was the secretary, whereas I am the president. Can she remove my name off of the statement of information? The Secretary of State says that anyone can change the statement of information, unless it is a civil case. This sounds strange. I am in California. Ty in advance.
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Answered on Feb 24th, 2017 at 9:40 AM
Every two years, there is a window of time when the Statement of Information can be filed electronically. The rest of the time, updated Statements of Information must be filed either by mail or over-the-counter. We usually use a service in Sacramento to do them over-the-counter, so that if the SOS clerk finds any errors, the service can call me and correct them at the counter, and so that we get the endorsed-filed copy back faster. Yes, anyone can file a new Statement of Information. The SOS does not check that the person submitting is an actual officer.  I suggest you file a new Statement of Information updating your current officers and directors, and check the SOS webstie every couple of days for a while, to make sure your ex-officer has not made her own filing. If you appreciate this free advice, please refer us to your friends and associates who need legal assistance. Referrals are still our best source of new business. Dana Sack  
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