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No, Board Members can be removed only by vote of the shareholders or members. If the corporation does not have shareholders or members, then it must be done by the Board of Directors. The Chair acting ...Read more

This is not a legal question. How much you can restrict access to parts of the HRIS system from even the IT people, depends on how the HIRS system is set up. There are lots of jobs IT does which do no ...Read more

The restaurant is responsible for the repairs to your car. Under the doctrine of respondeat superior, an employer is liable for injuries caused by his employees while on the job. That rule does n ...Read more

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Choosing Name for New Business

You decided to start a new business or incorporate an existing business. You have a business name that you think is descriptive of the services that business will provide. You contact your attorney an ... Read more


TEAMS SMILE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY   TEAM    me   In 1981, the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship.  (I know you Auburn and Bama fans get tired of me writing abou ... Read more

Do I Really Need To Form A Corporation?

If you’re a business owner or a startup entrepreneur you need to set up the correct entity for your specific business. You have four basic options: Stay a Sole ProprietorshipForm a PartnershipFo ... Read more

Reasons Why You Need Legal Advice When Setting Up a Business

General legal services Anyone looking to set up a business within Austin (or anywhere in Texas for that matter) will need legal information on business formation, business entity choice, as well as bu ... Read more

What’s the Best State to Incorporate In?

When you first startup your business you’re going to get a lot of advice as to which is the best state to incorporate in. Some of that advice will be solid. Some of it will be well-meaning, but ... Read more

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