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A corporation is a legal entity wholly separate and apart from its owners (the shareholders or "stockholders"). You form a corporation by filing a "ce ... read more
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There aren't specific forms for the litigation that you must bring.  You will need to use pleading paper.  This is complex and I suggest that you consult with an attorney.

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LLCs, Partnerships, S Corps, Sole Proprietorships & Independent Contractors

Making the leap to go into business for yourself can be a difficult decision. However, once you make that decision, the next difficult question to answer is how your business should be formed. Many bu ... Read more

Insolvency in the Cayman Islands – setting aside antecedent transactions

In certain circumstances the official liquidator of a Cayman company may be able to take action to recover assets which have been transferred in the run up to the company’s insolvency. It is imp ... Read more


Individuals worried about robots taking over their lives may have to make a phone call to their wealth management provider to see if their accounts are being managed by a human being or a robo-adviser ... Read more

Voluntary Liquidation or Strike-off?

Voluntary liquidation or Strike-off? – Alternatives to voluntarily achieving the conclusion of operations and dissolution of Cayman companies There are two principal routes to voluntarily dissol ... Read more

Benefit and Social Purpose Corporations

In the midst of the Occupy Wall Street movement, California made a move to create a new type of corporation that could operate with the public good in mind. On October 11, 2011, then Governor Jerry Br ... Read more

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