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Looking for a lawyer in santa clara,CA as IT consulting company hasnt paid me

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I live in memphis tn and trying to sue a company in santa clara,CA as they havent paid me for my services.I own a staffing company and supplied them with two software professionals they needed for a project.I have all invoices and emails that have gone unanswered and now need legal help.Looking for the right lawyer in the santa clara,CA area who can help me with my case.Thanks
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Answered on Jul 05th, 2017 at 10:05 AM

I just settled cases like that for a database engineer in Texas and another in Pennsylvania. This new paradigm of big companies out-sourcing their workers and then not putting any pressure on the contractors when they don't pay the people who did the actual work for the big company, is getting too common. It's disgusting. 

Those last two I did, cost about $30,000.00 in legal fees before we got the case to the point where it could be settled.

I have handled several lawsuits in Santa Clara. The court allows lawyers to appear by phone for most meetings, until trial and one a couple of weeks before trial. They might make you come out here for your deposition. Sometimes the other side will agree to a deposition by phone, and sometimes the court will order it, but in theory, the other side's lawyer is entitled to take your deposition here and in person. We can arrange for it to be near the airport, so that you might be able to fly in and fly out the same day. Depends on airline schedules.

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